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We want to develop our customers and ourselves. By joining Improove you will join a team where everybody works together and learns from each other in order to improve. We also care for each other. We team up and help and support each other in all our projects. We know that when we feel comfortable and safe, we will try new things and grow, and we will find new ways of doing things a little bit better.

So if you want to develop yourself, our customers and the e-commerce business, come and join us.

Why Improove?


We are one of the leading e-commerce companies in the Nordics and Portugal and we are in the front line of technical e-commerce solutions and growth hacking.  By joining us at Improove you will become part of a highly innovative company and work with highly skilled colleagues for many leading brands.

You will obviously, given our obsession with improving things, have plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. We want you to try out new things, in your daily work or perhaps by taking up new positions within the company.

We believe that to be a leading e-commerce company, we need to have happy and stimulated staff who feel good about working with us. We promote a healthy work-life balance and try to of fun, both inside and outside the office.


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Meet our team


Daniel Antonsson, Technical Project Manager (Sweden)

Loves traveling and exploring new places. In fact, before becoming an important part of our company, Daniel lived in Tanzania for three years.

“What I really love about being a project manager at Improove is the variety of projects and customers we work with. I love working in a team that cares both about the work and about each other.”


Olga Zheleztsova,

Magento Developer (Sweden)

Magento is her strength. Learning Swedish not so much. :) After reading a page of a fairytale in Swedish to her daughter, the little girl commented: "Mamma, du pratar konstigt!"

“When you are part of Improove family, you have a chance of continuous learning and professional growth. Working with professionals who love their work gave me an opportunity to learn from them and to use and improve my skills.”


Alejandro Perez Ordoyo,

Cheif Meme Officer (Sweden)

Not only he is a talented developer, but he is also a meme supervisor of our office.

“Working at Improove has given me a chance to work among hardworking, talented friends from which I always learn something new and grow.“


Gabriel Charrua,

Magento Frontend Developer (Portugal)

When he is not developing, you can find him playing guitar, videogames or enjoying Portuguese sun with his friends.

“The most fascinating part about this job is the ability to grow and learn something new every day. There are no barriers, limits, roofs over your head - only new challenges that encourage you to improve your abilities and become better. The great working environment, amazing team spirit and endless possibilities to build your career are what make Improove a great company.”


José Balça,

Head of Improove Portugal

Loves to read. Huge fan of Game of Thrones, but who isn’t?

“Improove always has a new challenge to solve, a new problem to tackle, but most importantly Improove has a culture where pro-activeness and empowerment are encouraged and embraced. Every day I have a chance to grow professionally and to help build and shape our company's future.”


Ana Prata,

Technical Project Manager, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Portugal)

Ana is a great team player and the person for making things happen. Music is her big passion. In fact, she used to have a garage band back in the days and now she sings with her husband from time to time.

“What I love the most about my work is to feel that I’m part of Improove's growing process, meaning that I'm encouraged to contribute more and more. As I really love making things happen, having that space and opportunity really motivates me. Work-life balance, great teamwork, and internal communication are essential parts of every effectively working community and Improove has definitely managed to offer that and much more to its employees."


Gvozden Delić, Frontend Developer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Serbia)

If you need someone to make your website look cool, Gvozden is your guy. When not at his computer, he is running marathons or playing his bass guitar. Heavy metal music is his jam.

“ When I accessed the internet the first time many years ago, I wasn’t happy with the look and design of the websites, which made me interested in this area and moved me to do something about it. At Improove I have the best tools, great team, chance to grow and make an impact.”


Sanja Vasiljević, Developer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Serbia)

Traveling and exploring new places is her favorite out of school activity.

“What I love the most about my job is its dynamics and versatility. Being a part of Improove family gives me an opportunity to grow professionally every day. Working in an international team and collaborating on different projects is what makes my job so interesting.”


Marko Bojović,

Frontend Developer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Serbia)

Loves sports especially CrossFit, diving and running. In his spare time, he enjoys nature and spends time in the woods with his family and his dog, named Bad Joe who is the cutest beagle ever!

“This job gives me an opportunity to learn, meet and explore new directions of personal development and in that process to grow professionally.”

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Open Positions

We are always looking for interesting and talented people to join us. If there is no specific position open yet, we still want to hear from you. There may be something for you in the near future and you could be just the right person for it.

Most of our openings are for developers, senior developers, project managers, technical project managers, and growth hacking experts. If you like the idea of working with us at Improove and have skills in these areas, make sure to contact us today!

Here are some open positions that might interest you:


Tech Lead / Senior Web Developer

Senior E-com manager/director

Marketing Automation Specialist

Backend Web Developer

Growth Hacker