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Growth Hacking

John Maxwell explains it very well, “change is inevitable, but growth is optional”. This means that the world around you, your competitors and even your clients are inevitably going to change. This change is happening at an exponential curve and the only way to keep up is to grow faster than your competitors.

Growth Hacking is all about finding cost-effective and data-driven ways to grow your business. The term was coined in Silicon valley and is used frequently by startups that need to find new ways to find exponential growth. We are inspired by these startups and let data steer our decisions to help you double your online revenue.


A few of our clients:




If you are struggling to acquire traffic to your site – or perhaps just want to boost a site even more – you’ve come to the right place. We need to find out what makes your customers tick. After that, our team of growth hackers can take the necessary actions that are needed in order to achieve awareness and drive traffic, which could be anything from increasing your presence on social media to initiating creative digital ad campaigns.



Do you attract traffic to your site, but few visitors take action or in other words buy your products? To increase your site’s conversion rate our Growth Hackers will optimize its content and at the same time make sure to keep the platform’s best practice in mind. We have developed a CRO health check with 100 sections that are graded and weighted towards your goals measuring according to Nordic e-commerce best practices resulting in a total score, highlights the low hanging fruits and money on the table. If we don’t find at least 5 cash cows for you, our CEO will wear a T-shirt saying “Looser” for a week.



Do you want to make your customers come back again and again? Are you still blasting the same content to everyone in your database and struggling to balance time and tools? To build loyalty a company needs to communicate with its customers on an individual basis – and take each customer’s preferences such as timing, relevancy and channel into consideration. We will help you segment and personalise your communication so that it happens on the customer’s terms. Segmented & personalised audience will receive more than double open rate and four times higher click through rate. What if you could 4x you’r traffic from the cheapest source to your site?


e-Commerce Management& Strategy

Our e-commerce managers and senior e-commerce directors can fill vacancies, act as a second brain or even run your entire department. Building a strong core team is super important but finding the right talent is very hard. We can coach your existing team or act as interim solution.


Marketing Automation

If you do not already leverage a marketing automation tool for emails, advertising and onsite recommendations you need to do this ASAP. Our team of growth hackers can do some heavy lifting on your existing MA or help you choose one.


Social Commerce

Every brand needs an engaged social audience to help build the organic reach of the brand. Now more than ever when Instagram is launching their own checkout and Facebook is super crowded. Our social commerce team can help build engagement and scale an effective datadriven influencer based marketing machine.


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