Our Magento Clients

Having launched our first Magento website back in 2008 Improove are true Magento pioneers. The platform has moved on from the first global Open Source platform to the most technologically advanecd e-commerce stronfront and now part of the Adobe family. Below you will find some of the brands we love working with.

junkyard (1).jpg


Founded in 2002 Junkyard is one of the true pioneers of e-commerce. Since back then Junkyard is grown into one of the biggest online retailers in Sweden and recently opened their first physical retail store in Stockholm City. Junkyard runs one of the most effeicient e-commerce businesses we have ever worked with.



Mini Rodini

This organic premium fashion brand for kids has been an instant success with a fan base all around the world. Having worked on collaborations with brands such as Adidas Mini Rodini has positionened themselves well for further success. Have look and be amazed of the incredible quality of childrens clothing they bring to the market.


picadeli (1).jpg


GymGrossisten is a household e-commerce brand with a stunning 70-80% market share in the Nordics for supliments for athletes. One of Swedens largest retailers that we have worked with together for many years now.



Stanley Security

Stanley Security is one of the strongest security providers in Europe and they use Magento for Product Information Management and interal order placement.


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Espresso House

Espresso House is the largest coffee chain in the Nordics and they have turned to Improove and Magento for their webshop selling coffee and catering.



Très Bien

Très Bien is a long time client of Improove and a true e-commerce star catering to urban men that are looking for a unique wardrobe that can not be found in most cities. With clients throughout the world Très Bien is a delight to work with.



Johan & Nyström

Premium coffee roaster Johan & Nyström turned to Improove and Magento for the launch of their multi country e-commerce webshop. Selling coffee subscriptions and coffee boxes.




Zoo runs one of the largest pet supply stores in Europe and we have worked with their online business for 6 years and sales have exploded online. Now one our most successful clients.




The description of Granit as “the urban IKEA” rings very true for those of us shopping there. With retail outlets in Sweden, Finland and Germany Granit are super popular with customers and are running a great online marketing operation.


picadeli (1).jpg


Picadeli is the original sallad bar provider in the Nordics, France and Germany. Allowing grocery stores to offer high quality sallad bars directly in the store. All orders are placed through Magento.




Stenbolaget proves that you can sell anything online. With shipments weighin in at tens of tones this is a totally unique business with a great inspirational website.