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Improove is Salesforce Commerce Cloud's leading and most experienced partner in the in Swedish market. We are specialized in e-commerce and have a large och fast-growing team – spread across Sweden, Serbia, and Portugal – who will help you get the most out of your site. Our customer base reaches throughout all the Nordic countries and Portugal. We understand our customers' specific requirements and are able to create customized solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.

Our experienced team can migrate e-commerce from any other platforms to Salesforce Commerce Cloud – and when your site goes live our Growth Hacking services will help you increase sales, as well as assist and support your team to ensure high results. 

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based software solution that delivers the ultimate online shopping experience to customers worldwide. This e-commerce platform will prepare your company for its next phase of growth and help you achieve a quick global expansion.

Salesforce is the perfect match for online merchants that needs to shift focus from the technology to the customer and scale sales fast. Salesforce is the most advanced e-commerce platform on the market and really lets you focus on how to build your online business. Being a true multi-tenant cloud platform, you will always be automatically upgraded to the latest version and you will never be behind your competition.

Today’s customers expect a seamless online experience and many companies struggle to meet their needs. When using Salesforce Commerce Cloud you will be able to create a more dynamic and personalized customer experience than you would with any other platform – and your sales growth potential will be much higher.

Salesforce will give you access to a wide spectrum of advanced features – where everything from servers, support, and other expenses are included. So if you have a strong brand and want a quick launch, without having to focus too much on the technology, this is the platform for you.


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One platform, many clouds


Salesforce is the worlds largest growing sales platform that supports clients all around the globe in many areas. For e-commerce there is mainly three products that can get you a long way:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud - The leading e-commerce platform for Business to consumer

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud - State of the art marketing automation software

  • Salesforce Service Cloud - One of the strongest customer service platform.

These integrate well and will deliver the total digital commerce experience throughout the entire purchase process.